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How Google's Algo's affect businesses

We have seen many algo's that give penalties for improper use of seo tactics... but this last one has the capacity to promote pirating... What do you guys think about this one? Image:...

Too much emphasis on page speed?

How much importance should we put on GTMetrix and G Pagespeed results? My wordpress site usually fully loads on average in about 2 seconds (varies 1.8s to 3s but mostly closer to lower end) and time to first byte is almost always about 1 second. GTMetrix results PS is ~93% and YS is ~80%...

What to do w/ the broken links detected in Webmaster Tools for formerly hacked site?

Hello again, folks. I had a question about a special 301 redirecting situation. New to me anyway, and I couldn't find a clear answer while searching for the topic. I have a site that was once hacked (about 1.5 years ago) and penalized by Google because of it. Their SERP ranking dropped but have...

Advice for fixing a site with a black(hat) past.

Greetings, folks. I work with a company that does digital marketing and for the last few years (since Penguin at least), their SERP rankings have been very low, with no more than one or two meaningful keywords above page 2 in the rankings. Given that their onsite content is decent enough (certainly...

Linking direct to the page or to the page with parameters

Hi Guys All our internal links are using parameters because we have to put the days that clients want to book the apartments so the link has the structures "?asoKey=......" although in all the pages with have the canonical pointing to the right page Does it makes any diferents in terms of...

Impact of Different TLD's

Hi Mates, We are planning to launch country specific TLD's for our official website for example in India we will launch and so on, for different countries. Could you please help us ensure the pros and cons for the same? We will keep the design same but we will...

Having Trouble in Mobile Optimization

Hello Forum Members, I've been trying to make a website mobile friendly. It is now mobile friendly, but it showing "page Partially loaded" I tried to solve the issues, but could not able to do so. please help how to solve this.

Does Product Pages Should Be In Sitemap.XML File ?

Hello Experts, I have a query related sitemap and indexing. I have a eCommerce retail portal so I just want to know should I submit my product URL's in sitemap or not. As right now my all product URL's is submitted in sitemap.xml file. Have a look Is there...

Question Related Google Search Predictions

Hello Friend, I have a question related google search predictions, when i am searching "seven monies" on the google search predictions is showing scam word so please let me know how can i remove from predictions and also there is some scam reviews urls is also showing in search so i...

Please review my website

Dear All, Recently I built a website about elearning software reviews at ''. It is about reviews of elearning authoring software, screencast software and screen recorder, video editors..blah blah. After a few months working with my site, I realize that the load speed get only...

Republish Article

Hello Everyone, If i did post an article on a site. After two days I also post same article on other site with last site source url. Is it duplicate article for Search engines.

Does Alexa Increase Site rank if?

Suppose My website Alexa rank is 345000. What if the 100 sites above rank 345000 like 344999, 344998 and so on face major traffic drop? Will it increase my website alexa rank?

Get google to redinex page when making changes?

Hi guys, If you make changes to a page e.g. add more content or something is it good practice to get google to fetch that page again in search console? My assumption is this way, Google can review the updated page quicker, resulting in faster changes in the SERPs for that page. Thoughts?...

Link Juice Query

If i am giving a dofollow link to other site from my site. Then, it will effect my site Page Authority and domain Authority??? Will my Page Authority and Domain Authority will decrease??

Lots of Products With The Same Descriptiom

Hello We're going into graded handsets. We're planning on listing EVERY potential graded handset individually. So for example, iPhone 7 32Gb Black, iPhone 7 32Gb Silver, iPhone 7 32gb Red etc etc. There's going to be lots of listings for each model - but I want to use the same generic...

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